Leaving Facebook



  1. Posted by IzaberaQwQ, — Reply

    Hewwo! I know you might be a lot annoyed of this, but My goal is to reach 20 Followers before August-September, I’d appreciate if you could follow me. Ciao! ^^

  2. Posted by futuremisscheney, — Reply

    Ok but where are the hours between 1 and 5???? Cuz I don't go to sleep til 3 lmao

  3. Posted by henrae2005, — Reply

    Imagine how long it would take to write all of those numbers... 😂

  4. Posted by lizjane141, — Reply

    Question where is a good place to get the journal’s with the dots instead of the lines

  5. Posted by mal4754, — Reply

    If you want more bullet journal ideas go over to my account pls! (Pls follow me)

  6. Posted by itsmayaw, — Reply

    at least it's realistic schedule

  7. Posted by sadadeekman, — Reply

    Oh, so its about how much hours you’ve sleeped?

  8. Posted by skyebeauty, — Reply

    how do you use this.

  9. Posted by acsilverstars9, — Reply

    why start with 6?

  10. Posted by mariakiraradu, — Reply

    Very good idea!!

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